笹渕 俊


1951年 東京生まれ。
1969年 カナダに渡航。
カナダ オンタリオ州立美術大学(OCAD University)グラフィックデザイン学部卒業。

北米リテール アドバタイジング賞をはじめ多くの広告賞、デザイン賞を受賞。


2010年 日本に帰国、福岡県に活動拠点を移す。




1975年 カナダ オンタリオ州立美術館 グループ展 EXPOSURE(トロント)
1976年 カナダ オンタリオ州立美術館 グループ展 100 YEARS OF OCA(トロント)
1977年 カナダ ナショナルフィルムボードオブカナダギャラリー グループ展(オタワ)
  アメリカ ネイクレッグ ギャラリー グループ展 THE CANADIAN CONNECTION(ニューヨーク)
  イタリア キャノンギャラリー 三人展 TRE GIAPPONESI DAL CANADA(ミラノ)

2014年 日本 ギャラリー群青 個展 A MOMENT IN LIGHT AND COLOUR(福岡)
2015年 日本 ギャラリー群青 カナダの画家サン・ムラタ氏と二人展(福岡)
2017年 日本 九州芸文館 九州芸文館主催 笹渕 俊 展 [ SHUN SASABUCHI - PHOTOART - ](福岡)
2018年 日本 Gallery Triplet & Cafe Gallery octria8 個展 [ A MOMENT IN COLOR ](東京)
2019年 Gallery4830を福岡 薬院にオープン
同ギャラリーにて個展 [ A MOMENT IN COLOR ](福岡)
2023年 日本 Acht Cafe Gallery 個展 [ 笹渕 俊 個展 ](福岡)


オンタリオ州芸術評議会賞(Ontario Art Council Grant)

北米リテール アドバタイジング賞(シカゴ)






カナダ近代写真美術館  1970年代制作のモノクロ心象写真の2シリーズ、40数点 (永久保存)

Shun Sasabuchi

Photo Artist

Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1951.
Moved to Toronto, Canada in 1969.
Graduated from the Graphic Design Department at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Canada.

Sasabuchi entered the world of photography upon graduation when he started to work as a freelance photographer in Canada.
He quickly established himself as a leading commercial photographer, focusing mainly on product photography such as jewellery, cosmetics, and other goods and creating numerous highly acclaimed works.
He received numerous advertising and design awards, including North American Retail Advertising Award, for his photography.

Sasabuchi's art photography of 1970’s has been displayed in group exhibitions around the world, including Toronto, New York, Milan, and other cities.
Around 40 of his works are part of the permanent collection at the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography in Ottawa.

Sasabuchi returned to Japan in 2010. He now lives in Fukuoka.

Sasabuchi is currently working on creating his “PHOTOART”, shooting forgotten textures in city streets such as abandoned store signs, graffiti and aged walls.

Selected Exhibition

1975 Group show, Exposure, Art Gallery Of Ontario, Toronto, Canada.
1976 Group show, 100 Years Of O.C.A, Art Gallery Of Ontario, Toronto, Canada.
1977 Group show, The National Film Board of Canada. Ottawa, Canada.
  Group show, THE CANADIAN CONNECTION, Neikrug Galleries,Inc. New York.
  Group show, TRE GIAPPONESI DAL CANADA, Canon Gallery, Milan, Italy.

Traveling group show, world wide. Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography.
2014 One man show, A MOMENT IN LIGHT AND COLOUR, Gallery Gunjyo, Fukuoka, Japan.
2015 Two man show with Canadian Painter/Musician San Murata, Gallery Gunjyo, Fukuoka, Japan.
2017 One man show, SHUN SASABUCHI - PHOTOART - , KYUSHU GEIBUN-KAN, Fukuoka, Japan.
2018 One man show, A MOMENT IN COLOR, Gallery Triplet & Cafe Gallery octria8, Tokyo, Japan.
2019 Opend Gallery4830 in downtown Fukuoka in japan.
One man show, A MOMENT IN COLOR, Gallery4830, Fukuoka, Japan.
2023 One man show, SHUN SASABUCHI SOLO EXHIBITION, Acht Cafe Gallery, Fukuoka, Japan.

Selected Awards

Ontario Art Council Grant, Toronto.

North American Retail Advertising Award, Chicago.

International Design Award, Los Angeles.

Art Directors Award, Toronto.

National Magazine Award, Canada.

And many more.

Permanent Collection

Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, Ottawa.